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Avenue Lodge Hotel & Spa Val-d'Isère
Exceptional staff
Modern cozy design
Swanky lounge/bar
Amazing spa
Superb location
Avenue Lodge Hotel & Spa Val-d'Isère is set in a traditional Tarentaise region style building, with a refined mixture of local raw materials and modern cozy design. Our 4-star boutique hotel is located in the centre of Val d' Isère village, a world famous ski resort in the French Alps […]
Paris j'Adore Hotel & Spa
Romantic experience
Magnificent spa
Indoor pool
High-end service
Great location
Paris j’Adore Hotel & Spa is by far the most romantic hotel in Paris, located in the 17th arrondissement of the city centre. Both luxurious and eccentric, the hotel blends the best of French classicism in seven unexpected themes. The luxury boutique hotel features rooms with a privat […]
Es Moli Hotel & Spa Deia, Majorca
Amazing views
Oasis of tranquility
Private cove beach
Super friendly staff
Excellent location
Hotel Es Moli is set in a historic 17th century Majorcan estate in the picturesque village of Deia, Majorca. It is surrounded by the spectacular Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, offering panoramic views over the village, green hills and the stark blue Mediteranean sea. This charming hotel […]
Hotel de Rougemont & Spa
Luxurious vibe
Very friendly staff
Excellent bar
Relaxing spa
Indoor pool
Hotel de Rougemont & Spa is an upscale chalet-style ski resort located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The architecture and modern wooden decor of this boutique hotel blend Alpine chic with understated luxury, creating a relaxing ambiance. The restaurant ‘Le Roc by Edgard' offers an […]
Dhow Inn Beach Resort & Spa Paje, Zanzibar
Laid-back vibe
Friendly staff
Stunning beach
Relaxing massage
Great Location
Dhow Inn Beach Resort & Spa is located on the south-east coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania, just off the pearl white beach of the fishing village of Paje. The laid-back hotel is a relaxing oasis offering a barefoot luxury experience, allowing you to unwind completely. You can enjoy a relax […]
Hôtel Bowmann & Spa Paris
Impeccable service
Luxurious vibe
Hidden Gem
Amazing rooftop
Very central location
Hôtel Bowmann & Spa Paris is an iconic luxury hotel located on Boulevard Hausmann shopping avenue, at the heart of the city's golden triangle in Paris’ 8th Arrondissement. Our elegant 5-star boutique hotel combines Parisian charm and contemporary design in a beautifully renovated pur […]
Secret de Paris Design Hotel & Spa
Magical place
Romantic vibe
Private in-room jacuzzi
Super friendly staff
Excellent location
Secret de Paris Design Hotel & Spa is probably the best kept secret in Paris. This hidden gem is tucked away in Saint-Georges neighborhood of Paris’ 9th arrondissement. The luxury boutique hotel with colorful Paris-themed rooms is the hot spot for couples on a romantic getaway. The a […]