Independent Hotel Chain

VETURI Hotel Collection is an Independent Hotel Chain and Virtual Hotel Operator.

We offer independent hotels an alternative to the traditional and costly hotel franchise formula. Instead of having to pay key money and high franchise fees, our website works on a pay per stay basis.

Bundling forces with an international group of unique hotels and resorts allow us to help you increase your online and offline exposure. Together we participate in hotel sales & marketing programs to achieve a global distribution reach.

Our hotels are powered by XOTELS‘ hotel management and revenue management services, implementing strategic best practices to optimize performance results.

With our unique hotel representation and alternative franchise formula, we help independent hotels to compete with large hotel chains, while keeping their unique individual character. Our soft brand strategy will also assist you in reducing your dependency on OTA.

VETURI is an innovative solution for independent hotels, looking to break with the status quo in the market.

Enjoy your journey with VETURI …

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